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            Welcome to the Sanofi mediaroom dedicated to journalists

            What's new

            Third Quarter 2019 Results

            Additional information about dengue and vaccination for media

            Gender balance in business: From words to action

            Sanofi and Happify Health solidify collaboration

            Portrait of Tucker

            Easing the Burden for People with Hemophilia

            Can The Cloud Bring New Medicines to Market Faster?

            Additional information about dengue and vaccination for media

            Social feed

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            Upcoming events

            • 2019-10-31


            Half year Financial report 2018

            Half year Financial report 2019

            2017 integrated report

            2018 Integrated Report

            2018 Annual Report 20-F

            2018 Annual report on Form 20-F


            Media Library

            Contact the Media team

            Global Media Relations Department
            54 rue La Bo├ętie
            75008 Paris FRANCE
            +33 (0)1 53 77 46 46 ? mr@sanofi.com

            All the contacts

            You are a journalist and have a question about Sanofi, please contact the Global Media Relations team: please note the contact details are only for Medias. For any other request, please call the switchboard: +33 1 53 77 40 00

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