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            Harnessing Today’s Scientific Insights to Pursue Tomorrow’s Medicines 

            Each year, Sanofi’s scientific community comes together during its Research and Development Week to share its commitment to patients, find inspiration in the teams’ accomplishments and look to the future with passion and determination to discover tomorrow’s medicines. The great strides that science has made over the past decades has provided important insights and paved the way for new approaches. Hear from some of the company’s scientific leaders as they share how their teams are working relentlessly to accelerate scientific breakthroughs that have the potential to change the way we treat diseases. 

            Listen to the podcasts

            Laurent Debussche
            Head of Molecular Oncology Research Therapeutic Area, Sanofi
            on Sanofi’s research in molecular oncology

            Dmitri Wiederschain
            Global Head of Immuno-Oncology Research Therapeutic Area, Sanofi
            on Sanofi’s research in immuno-oncology

            Frank Nestle 
            MD, Head of Immunology and Inflammation Therapeutic Research Area, Chief Scientific Officer North America, Sanofi
            on Sanofi’s research in immunology and inflammation

            Karin Knobe
            Therapeutic Area Head Rare Blood Disorders, Development, Sanofi
            on Sanofi’s research in rare blood disorders

            Rita Balice-Gordon
            Head of Rare and Neurologic Diseases Therapeutic Area, Sanofi
            on Sanofi’s research in rare and neurologic diseases


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